The Reapers Are the Angels (Reapers, #1) by Alden Bell

The Reapers are the Angels (Reapers, #1)2 chocolate kisses

No more zombie dystopian ya books for me. I have had it with depressing though beautifully written books.

Why, why why?Is it some comment on resurrection, a question about an after life…and it all seems like some dreadfully dreary slice of life and unlife?  What is the point really?

Now this may very well been a style choice, but the no quotation marks around dialogue really made me feel like I was sucked even more into this awful pit meh.

So I am totally done with this. It depresses me and I see no redeeming value in the genre.

If you like this kind of stuff, the writing was good except no quotation marks.

Review: Moon Spell by Samantha Young

4 Chocolate Kisses

I will be right up front and say that I usually stay way clear of Young Adult Romances, Urban Fantasies… whatever.  I am so glad to be out of my hormonal angst years for decades and generally give them a miss if I can help it. But due to some friends’ reviews on Goodreads and in addition to the fact that I have a weakness for all things Lycans, I gave this a chance and I am very glad that I did.

It was such an enjoyable read.  The author engaged me from the start.   The tension was excellently handled, made sense and it kept me reading.  At times it felt kind of Twilighty with High School kids, cars, cafeteria.  But I did not mind it.  I was curious to see what would happen to the heroine.  She was interesting from the start and it was not a story that had any sex which was refreshing.  I am not against sex in books, but I relish a story much, much more.