Review: Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, #1) by A.D. Koboah

Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy, #1)

4.5 chocolate kisses

I really enjoyed this book and thought it was brilliant. I truly felt as if I were on a journey with Luna through her trials and tribulations. The subject matter is one that does not usually draw me in regards to slavery in the United States. I found that to be the most intriguing part. The character, even though she lived her life in that manner, kept it distant from her soul and I appreciated the distance and it was not quite so heartbreaking to read. The men and women secondary characters were brave in the face of such adversity and well drawn. Basically it was just the world that surrounded the main story of her relationship with Avery.

It was refreshing and I will read the next one because I want to know more. These are the best kinds of books for me – where I want to know more.

The reason that it is not 5 stars was because I thought the ending was kind of rushed. No more details in that area because I really do not want to do spoilers.

But I found it to be an excellent read.

And the cover art is gorgeous!

Review: Outcast Mine by Jamie Craig

5 Chocolate Kisses

I loved this book.  It is a male/male science fiction romance.   It grabbed me right at the start and carried me breakneck speed to the conclusion.  I never knew what was going to happen and the twists and turns were quite delightful.  The characters were well drawn and the tension was excellent, it was well written… loved it!

This is a short review because I do not have much more to say about it.

Review: Faerie Blood by Angela Korra’ti

Faerie Blood

4 chocolate kisses

What a fun read this was.

Fast paced and I just adored the group of characters and how they interacted.  On a whole it was great.  It was rather warm, no sex which I found refreshing and sweet in fact in the romance sense.  In the Urban Fantasy sense, it was action packed and believable.  Gritty in some parts.  It was so unlike anything that I have read and what a pleasant surprise it was.

There was one thing that I had issue with.  It was the Sidhe being so opposed to the heroine’s skin color over and above the fact that she was half human.   That certainly should have been enough – the being half human part – for them to have extreme distaste.  It seemed almost gratuitous, that aspect of their bigotry.

But at the same time I still love it when the heroine’s mother speaks of the first time she saw her father.  That was very positive and a beautiful statement.

And that was not the only thing that made me smile.  There was a cat, a gun totting elderly woman, a quilt, a troll and Jude.  Jude totally needs her own story.  I thought that nearly all the characters were well drawn.

This book had many made me smile moments and some laugh out loud moments.  I would recommend it.