Cold Dawn

I am reading quite a few books, presently.  One at a time, of course.  Currently I am reading, Product Details,  The Dracons’  Woman, by Laura Jo Phillips and it is ok so far.

I kept a quiet few days, thinking about Whitney Houston and her family.  I still feel sad, but not so bad now that she is buried.  It was a beautiful funeral.  My thoughts will stay with her family.

Review: Midnight Riot by Ben AAronovitch

Midnight Riot (Peter Grant, #1)

4.5 chocolate kisses

This novel grabbed me from the beginning and I thought it was a great read.  It was not my usual fare though.  There was very little romance, but what was there was nice.  It is more of a paranormal crime story with some romantic elements.  I do not think I am stretching that point.

Ok, we got that out of the way.  Not much romance.

But the hero, Peter, is an interesting hero.  He is not Alpha, but he is not beta either.  He seems like the regular run of the mill Joe.  But he is not as he discovers and so do we.

I thought the world building was most excellent and unusual.  I’ll’ even go so far to say that it is provactive as I do not usually get this view about London and paranormal, so it was extremely refreshing and enjoyable.

It is a really good book and it should be a Television Series.  I would watch it.  I thought that it was extremely hip for some reason.

Why not a 5 chocolate kisses review?  I thought the ending was a bit unclear, but it will certainly not stop me from reading the next installment.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston


She just slipped away, this treasure.

Over the course of years.

She burned bright.  She burned too fast,

too soon for us.

Scooped up in a gentle embrace to join all those who went before.

We will follow, all of us, one day.

Rest in Peace, Lady.

Review: Faerie Blood by Angela Korra’ti

Faerie Blood

4 chocolate kisses

What a fun read this was.

Fast paced and I just adored the group of characters and how they interacted.  On a whole it was great.  It was rather warm, no sex which I found refreshing and sweet in fact in the romance sense.  In the Urban Fantasy sense, it was action packed and believable.  Gritty in some parts.  It was so unlike anything that I have read and what a pleasant surprise it was.

There was one thing that I had issue with.  It was the Sidhe being so opposed to the heroine’s skin color over and above the fact that she was half human.   That certainly should have been enough – the being half human part – for them to have extreme distaste.  It seemed almost gratuitous, that aspect of their bigotry.

But at the same time I still love it when the heroine’s mother speaks of the first time she saw her father.  That was very positive and a beautiful statement.

And that was not the only thing that made me smile.  There was a cat, a gun totting elderly woman, a quilt, a troll and Jude.  Jude totally needs her own story.  I thought that nearly all the characters were well drawn.

This book had many made me smile moments and some laugh out loud moments.  I would recommend it.

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal maybe Romance

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal maybe Romance

I was asked in a survey who I thought started the urban fantasy/paranormal maybe Romance, and I thought it was Laurell K Hamilton with her Anita Blake Series.  Anita Blake was the first kick butt heroine that I ever read.  I loved books  one to eight.  On some days I will even go so far to say that I liked it up until book 11.   Even though I stopped reading them at book 11, I think I still purchased a few more before I stopped.  I am a very loyal reader and one forever hoping. Jean-Claude was a most delicious hero and Richard gave him a run for the money.  I would say that is my first and foremost favorite Urban fantasy.