Undertow by S.M. Stelmack

Undertow (The UnderCity Chronicles #1)

Undertow by S.M. Stelmack

3.5 Chocolate Kisses

I did enjoy the book as it was refreshing. The whole idea of a world beneath the tunnels of cities existing was quite interesting. So I would say the world building was quite good. My problem was that I just did not feel the characters all that much except for Reggie who was a secondary character. In addition there was pages and pages of sex. My thought on that was that instead of making for more tension in that regard, the other just decide to let them have a go at it. It might work for some readers, but for me, it was something to skip because really, it did not bring anything to the story. So it could have been a 4 chocolate kisses, but went to 3.5 because I am quite bored with having pages of sex in a romance. Otherwise I enjoyed it.

Review: Outcast Mine by Jamie Craig

5 Chocolate Kisses

I loved this book.  It is a male/male science fiction romance.   It grabbed me right at the start and carried me breakneck speed to the conclusion.  I never knew what was going to happen and the twists and turns were quite delightful.  The characters were well drawn and the tension was excellent, it was well written… loved it!

This is a short review because I do not have much more to say about it.

Review: Wanted: Dead or Undead by Angela Scott


3.5 Chocolate Kisses

Zombies *shudders*

Really, what was I thinking to read such stuff.  But I did and it was not bad at all.  A Historical Western Romance that takes place during a Zombie Apocalypse.

Besides the subject matter, I thought that the story was a well written but a little droopy in the middle.  I started the skimming and was almost desperate for some carnage, any kind of carnage except the angst.

I think zombie fans might find this very satisfying.  I had to try it since it seems to be all the rage but I can tell you, straight up… I never want to read another Zombie story or Zombie Romance or Zombie anything.  I just could not sleep when I finished the book and also, there are just some images I wish I could unread.  Truth.

Review: Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph

Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph

5 Chocolate Kisses

This was a very interesting book.  I just love romances but this was not a classic romance, this was a BDSM-kinky romance, so the usual bells and whistles were not there.  There were times where I thought there was no love, just need.  Love is different than need to me.  I am not sure that I am a fan of sex without love in books that I read.  This is how I felt the first part of the ebook.

But I have an understanding of BDSM in literature and for that, straight up, I think this book had more romantic leanings and was very well written and quite excellent.  But I wanted just a tad more romance, needed (smiles) more romance.

So if you are looking for some type of romance laced with BDSM, this is not the book for you, but BDSM with romance –  bingo, you just hit the jackpot.

Review: Reaper’s Seduction by Linda Gayle

The Reaper's Seduction

2 chocolate kisses

This book is ok reading if you enjoy erotica more than an actual story.  But even then the erotica seems pretty standard to me.  There was a lot less tension than I usually enjoy between the characters and really nothing new.  There was a story in there, but I found it kind of  lean.   I have to say, at this point in my career, I am not enjoying these sort of books as I use to.  In fact I skip the sex scenes to get to the rest of the story and in this book I skipped quite a bit of pages.

I found the story to be quite interesting – more supernatural than paranormal which was an intriguing twist and I wish there was more of it to be exact.

But maybe I am approaching it all wrong.  Maybe the whole point of the book was the erotica and the story was just connective tissue.

But if you like your erotica with a bit of story, the writing is fine and the main characters very appealing.  I felt they were fully drawn while the supporting characters were not so much.  It had so much potential…

Not much more to say about this one.

Review: Wolf Tracker by Maddy Barone

4 Chocolate Kisses

I find myself reading books much more slowly these days.  Savoring them.  And I like a book that can sustain me, give me a great reading experience each time I pick it up and does not make me have to gobble it up in one sitting.  It may be a matter of self control of course, but I also think that the page turner can be exhausting and sometimes a leisurely journey can be very satisfying as well.   Wolf Tracker by Maddy Barone is perfect like that.  Similar to the main male character, the story moves forward with a steady pace.   It is confident and unhurried; a delicious read.   In terms of chocolate, it is like a bag of Malteasers or a bar of Toblerone.  Yummy nougat!

For some reason I did not know that this book is the third in a series.  That explains a few issues that I had with the book.  I think reading the first two books, which I will do, will help the reader have  more information in regards to that future society as well as the supporting characters.  That in turn would get rid of the patchwork feeling I had at first.  I thought it was the style, which is fine.  But as I continued to read the book I thought  that I am missing something.  So when I found out that it is the third book, it made more sense.  The world is previously realized in the prior books and she is just plugging in new characters.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  Maddy Barone’s  world building is excellent.

It would have been enough for me that the book is a Time-travel Western.  But it has a big element of paranormal that I cannot quite decide if I like or not.  But the element is both pivotal and a matter of fact.  The matter of fact part is due to it being part of a series.  I suppose that is my one issue with the book if it is read as stand alone, that element could be more flushed out.  But that may not be the author’s intention.

The main characters in the book are an excellent pair.  They both clearly transform in a very satisfactory way.


Review: Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison


Re-reading 2/05/2014

4 Chocolate Kisses

It was not as bad as I remembered and am raising the book to 4 stars. After reading some contemporary romances and enjoying them, this seemed much better to me.


1 Chocolate Kiss.

I really wanted to like this book.  I thought that the first book of the Elder Races by Thea Harrison was most excellent.  Loved it.

The story had me going though up until she started pulling on her Oracle power.  It reminded me of Octavia Butler’s Mind of my Mind, but not nearly as good.  There was so much telling and not showing.  I thought it was rushed and after that the story just went down hill for me.

I put it down.

I really wanted to love this book.

I do not know what it is, but Ms. Harrison has her moments when she really has me in the palm of her hand, swept up.  I love her take of types of heroes.  Ancient, alien – very OTHER.  I just loved that in her DRAGON BOUND book and even at the beginning of this book.  I really liked Khalil.  She really has a talent with that.

But then there is the rest of it that actually makes a good book, here she misses it with some sort of fluff piece with  domestic living like a contemporary romance.  The kind that is totally uninteresting to me.  And not what I usually look for in a paranormal romance.

I just felt the book was all over the place.

But from all the 5 and 4 stars, maybe it is just me.

I will buy her next book as it is about Pia and Dragos, my favorites, so I will try yet again.  Call me wacky!  But after that…

Review: Faerie Blood by Angela Korra’ti

Faerie Blood

4 chocolate kisses

What a fun read this was.

Fast paced and I just adored the group of characters and how they interacted.  On a whole it was great.  It was rather warm, no sex which I found refreshing and sweet in fact in the romance sense.  In the Urban Fantasy sense, it was action packed and believable.  Gritty in some parts.  It was so unlike anything that I have read and what a pleasant surprise it was.

There was one thing that I had issue with.  It was the Sidhe being so opposed to the heroine’s skin color over and above the fact that she was half human.   That certainly should have been enough – the being half human part – for them to have extreme distaste.  It seemed almost gratuitous, that aspect of their bigotry.

But at the same time I still love it when the heroine’s mother speaks of the first time she saw her father.  That was very positive and a beautiful statement.

And that was not the only thing that made me smile.  There was a cat, a gun totting elderly woman, a quilt, a troll and Jude.  Jude totally needs her own story.  I thought that nearly all the characters were well drawn.

This book had many made me smile moments and some laugh out loud moments.  I would recommend it.

Review: Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright

Product Details

5 chocolate kisses

It is such a joy to find a novel where the hero and heroine are in dread locks.  In fact, many characters in this book are  multicultural – a mix.

The theme was simple,  as was the plot.  But what the author did with those just made a wonderful story.  There was romance, murder and cannibalism.  *laughs*  I rarely mix my romance with cannibalism but this flowed smoothly, no jagged edges in the flow and I hope is the start of a series.  I will be buying the next installment.

This is a review that I gave on Goodreads:

This is a most excellent read. Well done and for less than $1.00. There was so much about this book that I enjoyed but what stood out the most for me was the world building.

Even though I gave it 5 stars, I wish that she could have spent a little time on a few things that I will not name because of spoilers. It is possible that as the series grows (I hope) the author will fill in some blanks.

It was fast paced, sexy and edgey with timely themes.

Again, well done.