Undertow by S.M. Stelmack

Undertow (The UnderCity Chronicles #1)

Undertow by S.M. Stelmack

3.5 Chocolate Kisses

I did enjoy the book as it was refreshing. The whole idea of a world beneath the tunnels of cities existing was quite interesting. So I would say the world building was quite good. My problem was that I just did not feel the characters all that much except for Reggie who was a secondary character. In addition there was pages and pages of sex. My thought on that was that instead of making for more tension in that regard, the other just decide to let them have a go at it. It might work for some readers, but for me, it was something to skip because really, it did not bring anything to the story. So it could have been a 4 chocolate kisses, but went to 3.5 because I am quite bored with having pages of sex in a romance. Otherwise I enjoyed it.

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