Review: Midnight Riot by Ben AAronovitch

Midnight Riot (Peter Grant, #1)

4.5 chocolate kisses

This novel grabbed me from the beginning and I thought it was a great read.  It was not my usual fare though.  There was very little romance, but what was there was nice.  It is more of a paranormal crime story with some romantic elements.  I do not think I am stretching that point.

Ok, we got that out of the way.  Not much romance.

But the hero, Peter, is an interesting hero.  He is not Alpha, but he is not beta either.  He seems like the regular run of the mill Joe.  But he is not as he discovers and so do we.

I thought the world building was most excellent and unusual.  I’ll’ even go so far to say that it is provactive as I do not usually get this view about London and paranormal, so it was extremely refreshing and enjoyable.

It is a really good book and it should be a Television Series.  I would watch it.  I thought that it was extremely hip for some reason.

Why not a 5 chocolate kisses review?  I thought the ending was a bit unclear, but it will certainly not stop me from reading the next installment.

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